Looking Younger: A Review of the Ageless Body System

Looking Younger A Review of the Ageless Body System

Do you take a look in the mirror and obsess over the fine lines you see there each day? You are hardly alone in doing that. We live in a society where youth is given prime position as one of the chief markers of beauty, so every wrinkle and age spot is something to worry about.

To be sure, it is healthy to have a positive attitude towards aging and the beauty to be found in a mature form. But there is no reason we cannot try to keep that form as young as possible for a bit longer.

Ageless Body System is one of the products currently purporting to achieve that goal. Made by Carol Cline, it is basically an all-in-one guide to an organic system for combating aging. Here we shall take a look at it to see whether or not it is worth a try for those who want to reverse the years on their faces.

The Ageless Body System

The Ageless Body System is a set that contains two things that you can download over the Web: the Intro to the Ageless Body System and The Secret Method: Reversing. The former is a look into what the program proper contains, as well as a compendium of precautions that the user can take to further reduce aging. As for the latter, it contains the Ageless Body System itself, which explains how to combat skin aging and why some people tend to age faster.

So how does Cline’s system try to fight wrinkles and their fellows? The answer is through a healthier diet: Cline’s system outlines the methods of feeding the body into youth by taking in “superfoods” that promote the production of collagen and elastin. Heard of these two compounds? If you have done any research into skin health, you should have. They are two of the things responsible for ensuring supple, young skin.

Collagen and elastin are produced naturally by the body for our epidermis. As time goes on, however, we tend to produce less and less of them. Collagen production in particular tends to diminish over the years. In fact, its decreasing production is also linked to cellulite appearance in adult women.

A dearth of collagen manifests not only in the skin either, but can also show in dull nails and hair. Ensuring that both of these compounds continue to be produced is thus important for a variety of beauty-related purposes.

Certain foods have been known to stimulate their production and these are the ones outlined in the Ageless Body System. The system also describes other natural ways of keeping the body and face young-looking and offering a solution for aging that is non-invasive, wholly organic and yet capable of achieving measurable results.

According to Cline, use of the Ageless Body System has resulted in up to a 84% decrease in wrinkles, 95% increase in collagen production and 73% decrease in dark circles under the eyes. Furthermore, Cline claims other effects for her Ageless Body System’s users. For instance, the holistic attitude to beauty and health in the program tends to result in both more energy and confidence for users. They also tend to have more positive attitudes — something that may result from the diet and exercise balancing out their hormones — which in itself may have indirect effects on skin brightness over time.

Assessing the Ageless Body System

A lot of people will probably like the concept behind the Ageless Body System: an organic method of preserving youth that is perfectly in line with conventional medical principles of health is as safe as it gets when it comes to systems of this type.

Take a look at the alternatives, for contrast. Some try to keep their skin young with Botox injections and others with lasers and surgery, but all of those invasive techniques have their share of pain and medical risk. Every conventional personal care physician would have caveats to offer anyone trying them.

So there is a lot to like about Cline’s offering if you are trying to steer clear of invasive and fad-type procedures for anti-aging. On the other hand, there are some objections to it, too. For one thing, it takes a little more time to work. In fact, depending on the method to which you are comparing it, it can take a lot of time to work by comparison.

But this is the way with all the healthy, organic methods of bettering your body. The flip-side is that they also tend to have more enduring effects. If you can wait a fortnight or so to start really noticing the change in your skin, you will appreciate how much more long-lasting that change is, I think — it certainly felt like that for me.

Cline’s Ageless Body System lays out a lot of things that make sense from a medical perspective, so some might offer another objection here. Why should they not just ask their physicians or do research on the same things to put together a similar system? The answer, of course, is that it would take more work than most people are willing or able to give to come up with a system as organized as Cline’s already is. Is it doable? Yes. Is it easy? Not exactly. Convenience, as always, is part of the product you are buying.


So on the whole, how should we rate Cline’s system? Speaking for myself and the results on my skin at the three week mark, I would vote a 4.5 out of 5. This is because there is nothing in the system that I found suspect from a medical perspective or patently illogical.

It was easy to follow and fairly quick — as far as these organic solutions go and not compared to the “instant” solutions — at showing results. It even seemed to reduce the cottage cheese on my thighs a bit (or is that wishful thinking?).

At the end of the day, it also feels a much safer and healthier an option for ironing out my wrinkles than some “instant-result cream” or injection, so I would place more stock in it than those other treatments.

Click here to learn more and get started on your ageless body today!

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