4 Effective Herbal Skin Care Remedies That Can Do Wonders For Your Skin

Herbal skin care remedies

Herbal skin care treatments have been growing in popularity over the past few years. Due to the fact that is does not have many of the side effects that some people experience with other skin care products, while still offering excellent skin improvements, herbal remedies are quickly becoming a preferred option to get healthy, glowing skin naturally. One thing to be aware of with herbal skin care products is that they may have a shorter shelf-life than other skin care products. However, this absence of chemical agent more than makes up for this for herbal product lovers. If you are looking for herbal skin care remedies, check out these options that anyone can try today to see their impressive effects!

Close up of an aloe vera plant

For Aging Skin:

Aging is a normal process that none of us can avoid. However, there are many things that we can do to prevent the symptoms of it, especially when it comes to aging skin, including herbal skin care remedies. One easy homemade remedy is aloe vera gel. You can buy the gel directly or get your own aloe vera plant or leaf. Massage the gel on your face regularly for glowing skin. Another remedy glowing skin is applying egg yolk mixed with lavender oil.

For Dull Skin:

Don’t you hate looking in the mirror and seeing dull, lifeless skin? I know I do! Thankfully, there are skin-friendly herbal scrubs you can use to remove the dead cells from your skin. A mild exfoliation process will brighten up your skin, leaving it looking much more alive and fresh. One popular herbal exfoliation remedy is taking a mixture of cornmeal and rolled oats, then mixing it with dried herbs. Popular choices include calendula, rose petals, and lavender, though the choices are endless!

For Facial Spots:

A common skin care problem that many of us face are dark spots and other pigmentation issues, which can make the skin look aged and damaged. To get rid of this darkening, there are a few great herbal skin care remedies you can use. One of the best ones involves mixing together grated raw potato and adding a few drops of lemon juice. If you’re ready to start seeing those facial dark spots vanishing, apply the mixture to your skin and gently massage it in for about 10 minutes daily.

Bowl of Turmeric Powder


For Suntan: Many of us will spend hours in the hot sun in order to get tanned skin. However, sometimes we are looking to get our skin tone back to normal or at least lighter when we tan too much! There’s actually an easy and affordable way to deal with this, though it does require a bit of time and patience. You’ll need turmeric (you probably already have some in your spice cupboard, but I love this one if you need it – it’s also good for making golden milk, adding to smoothies, etc.), lemon, and yogurt/curd. Take about a pinch of the turmeric, a couple of drops of the lemon juice, and another a tablespoon of the yogurt and mix those together, then use regularly. This can be used overnight or you can mix it with an exfoliant, such as the one described for dull skin. — While there are commercial skin care projects on the market that claim to fix skin issues overnight, they also tend to have a number of preservatives, harmful ingredients, and irritants, as well as come at a higher cost. Herbal skin care remedies may take longer, but can be affordable, skin-friendly, and a healthier alternative for battling your skin care needs.

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