How to Fix an Uneven Skin Tone Naturally

Uneven skin tone

Our skin is one of the most vital parts of our body, protecting it from the sun, pollution, stress, and other climatic situations that we all face every day. Often, however, people forget to take care of it, leading to a number of skin issues. This constant negligence of the skin ends up causing an irregular build-up of the melanin pigment. This pigment (coloring) is there to shield the skin from the rays of the sun and is what causes a suntan. However, if you end up with an uneven accumulation, you may find that you have dark spots and an overall uneven skin tone. No one wants to have dull-looking skin, though, with random dark spots, right? I know I don’t! Thankfully, there are natural ways of treating it and this skin condition is also preventable by understanding its causes.

Causes of an Uneven Skin Tone

There are some main causes of an uneven skin texture – sun spots, hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, and hormonal abnormalities. An excessive amount of melanin may be produced, especially due to sun exposure, which can lead to sun spots, dark spots, age spots, or freckles on the skin, resulting in an uneven tone. The constant exposure to pollution and sun rays may result in an overall uneven skin texture, as well. If you suffer from any health condition that affects your hormones, any fluctuations in hormone quantities may make your skin tone look uneven, as well.

Best Natural Ways for Fixing an Uneven Skin Tone

Visiting a salon every day for treatment is one way to fix an uneven skin tone in order to get flawless, glowing skin. However, this is not a suitable solution for everyone. Some people may not be able to afford expensive cosmetic procedures, have chemical sensitivities or overall sensitive skin, or just wish to avoid non-natural treatments. If you do have sensitive skin, you’ll want to make sure that you are always testing out a new product in a small spot first to be sure that you won’t have any rashes or other reaction. Many people feel better trusting treatments where they understand every ingredient included that can be purchased cheaply. If any of this describes you and you are looking for how to fix an uneven skin tone, then don’t worry, there are a number of natural and affordable remedies that can help you achieve the glowing, even skin tone that you are after. 

Aloe Vera

A big name in the world of natural skincare remedies, aloe vera gel definitely makes the list when it comes to an uneven skin texture. If you are lucky enough to have an aloe vera plant, then you’re a step ahead! Just use the gel directly on your skin in any areas with an uneven texture. If you do not have a plant, there are a number of different products on the market that you can use instead. I highly recommend looking for one with no added colors or fragrances. When used regularly, it will slowly even out the minor flaws and blemishes on your skin, while also providing a soothing feeling. This can be especially great if your issues are due to a sunburn. Don’t forget about the many other benefits of aloe vera


If your issues are due to a sunburn or pollution, then a sandalwood paste is a great option to get back a glowing skin texture.

How to:

Take 1 tablespoon of sandalwood powder and 1 tablespoon of water. Mix together to create a paste. Apply daily to your skin. Increase amounts at a 1:1 ratio if you are using on a larger portion of your body.

For better results, add a small amount of honey, saffron, and/or turmeric to the paste. You can also make it with milk or rosewater instead of plain water.

Tomato Pulp

If you are wondering how to fix an uneven skin tone and are seeking the easiest way possible, then the answer is tomato pulp. If you’re anything like me, you probably already have this vegetable (fruit?) on hand in your kitchen. I especially like using this method when I have tomatoes that are too soft for my liking when it comes to eating them – am I the only one that prefers firmer tomatoes? Anyways, take your tomato and mash it into a pulp and gently rub it over the areas of your skin that are suffering from an uneven tone. Keep it on for at least 20 minutes and then wash it off. If you do this on a regular basis, you’ll be amazed to see a blemish-free skin tone after a time.


While many people are more likely to have tomato on hand over a papaya, if you do, this is another ingredient that you use to achieve the lost luster of your skin. Take a slice of raw papaya (save the rest for an awesome papaya smoothie!) and rub it in circular motions over your affected skin areas for a few minutes. You may also choose to add some lemon juice to the papaya, but I don’t recommend doing this is if you have any open sore, like a popped pimple, or it may sting. Do this on a regular basis and you’ll begin to witness the changes in your uneven skin tone.


Yogurt (also known as curd) is another great ingredient when it comes to natural skin care remedies and it can do wonders in preventing an uneven skin tone. If you take a few tablespoon of plain, unflavored yogurt, add a few drops of lemon juice and a few pinches of turmeric powder, you have a great face mask. Rub it on your skin to prevent over-tanning and achieve a blemish-free skin.

Everyday Practices to Prevent an Uneven Skin Tone

If you have an uneven skin tone, you may feel embarrassed to show off your beauty as you normally would. While there are various treatments and home remedy options available to help you achieve a flawless skin tone, there are also numerous things you can do to prevent issues in the first place. Below are a list of healthy habits and practices that help you maintain a beautiful and healthy skin tone and texture.

Make Exfoliating a Practice

Did you know that exfoliating on a regular basis can actually lighten up dark skin areas? If you can make a habit of exfoliating your skin at least twice a week, you will soon see an improvement in your skin’s texture. Before long, you will be amazed at how smooth your skin feels.

Exercise Regularly

While you are probably tired of hearing this in relation to what seems like every area of your life, if you are looking for how to fix an uneven skin tone, exercise is very much related. If you exercise on a daily basis, it helps ensure that your hormones stay properly balanced in your body. In the majority of cases, the root cause of blemished skin is actually due to a hormonal imbalance. While some imbalances are due to medical issues, if you are able to stay fit and healthy, your skin will reflect that with a beautiful glow.

Keep Your Skin Hydrated

When your skin dries out, it can lead to damage. You can keep your skin hydrated by keeping your body hydrated. The general rule of thumb is to drink 64 ounces of water a day, but there’s a handy calculator here if you want to find the best amount for you. If you have an issue with dry skin, but are already properly hydrated, then be sure that you are moisturizing daily.

Apart from these natural skin care remedies and habits, there are also various anti-pigment masks and creams that are very effective with well-known ingredients. When looking for creams or face marks, some ingredients to keep an eye out for are Vitamin C, glycolic acid, alpha hydroxyl acid, and skin-friendly enzymes. If you find these ingredients (and don’t feel these are the only ones!), you will be able to turn your uneven skin texture include a spot-free, bright one. Every day, there are new therapies that are emerging that say they will be able to fully improve your skin tone, taking an uneven one to a smoother, more uniform one. However, the effectiveness of these therapies have not fully been determined.

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