The Amazing Benefits of Royal Jelly

Have you heard of Royal Jelly yet? If not, it probably sounds like a really fancy spread for your toast or next PB&J sandwich. However, it is not. Instead, it is something much better. Royal Jelly is a secretion from male bees that feeds the queen (hence “royal”) and you will love it for your skin and its anti-aging properties. While this may sound like a strange thing to apply to your skin or to ingest to fight aging, you will soon understand why you should. Don’t forget that this is all natural, too! If you’re already familiar with Royal Jelly and want to know some of the best products, check it out here

Breaking Down Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly is made up of a number of components that you’ll be familiar with (no strange chemical names here!).  The major component is water (approximately 60-70% of it), followed by protein (around 12-15%) and sugar (about 10-16%). After these, the remaining components are amino acids, salts, fats, and many important vitamins and minerals.

This nutritious mix is not only fit for a queen, but also used to feed larvae of the hive. Initially, the larvae are all given the Royal Jelly, but then the worker bees start to focus on just those that are showing the largest chance of becoming the Queen. Eventually, only one will receive it and that will be the Queen.

So, that is why Royal Jelly has gained its royal reputation. What does this mean for you? Well, since Royal Jelly helps produce a queen bee, which is stronger and better than others, imagine what it can it can do for your skin and health! Royal Jelly is an amazing product to add to your skin care and anti-aging routines. Read on to learn the royal benefits you’ll reap.

Your Skin on Royal Jelly

Despite the exotic name, Royal Jelly is actually readily available from a number of different companies. It comes in a number of forms, with the kind you’ll want to choose depending on your preference and exact use. This includes capsules, liquids, chewables, powders and face masks. To use it, rub a small amount (non-pill form) onto your skin and you will quickly see its effects. It will tighten your skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It’s been described as feeling like you’ve just had a facelift, but without the pain and expense!

Do you live in an area with a cold, harsh climate? If so, Royal Jelly is a very beneficial addition to your skin care routine. A climate such as this dries out your skin, leaving it looking red, blotchy, and dull. When your skin appears this way, you appear older overall. Who wants that? You take can take back your beautiful, vibrant skin with the use of Royal Jelly. It has a moisturizing effect on the skin, leaving you with beautiful soft and smooth skin with a fresh feeling to it.

Prevent Aging With Royal Jelly

Not only is Royal Jelly great for your skin, but it also has anti-aging properties when eaten or taken in a pill form. The ultraviolet radiation from the sun damages our skin, specifically the collagen that supports it. When this collagen is damaged, it results in wrinkles and discolorations on your skin. Royal Jelly can help repair damage and protect against future issues.

In addition to the benefits ingesting Royal Jelly has on your skin, it has other anti-aging health benefits. If you struggle with your cholesterol levels, Royal Jelly can help raise the good cholesterol, while lowering the bad kind. With healthy cholesterol levels, you have a lower risk for stroke and heart attack.


It is not difficult to spend hundreds of dollars getting products for your skin care and anti aging routines. Instead of all that, you can start using Royal Jelly, in all areas of your body where your skin needs help – legs, hands, back, elbows, and more – and by mouth for even more benefits. Once you start using Royal Jelly, your skin and health will be thanking you!

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