Best Skin Tag Removal Kits to Use at Home

Looking for the best skin tag removal kit? From automatic to manual ones, there are lots of kits to choose from. The question is, which one is guaranteed to be safe and effective?

There are a lot of horror stories surrounding the fact that when you are finally ready to remove a skin tag, it will not budge. This results in a lot of pain. To prevent this from happening, you need to invest in a kit that can truly deliver results without sacrificing your safety and comfort.

Good thing, we’ve decided to try out three choices for you. Ready to get rid of your skin tag the right way? Keep on reading!

Best Skin Tag Removal Kit Comparison Chart

Skin Tag Remover Device by Claritag Painless Cryo-Freeze Skintag Treatment Kit for Home Use

Deluxe Micro TagBand Skin Tag Remover Kit with Extra Bands and Free Retainer Box

Skin Tag Repair Kit 9-Speed Adjustable Eraser for Freckle & Tattoo Beauty Equipment LCD

Best Skin Tag Removal Kit Reviews

Here, we’ll talk about each of their features as well as the pros and cons of using them. In the end, we’ll tell you which one stood out among the rest.

1. Claritag Skin Tag Remover Device

The first kit that we are going to talk about markets itself as a device that will save you trips to the skin doctor. In fact, this is used by a lot of dermatologists in their professional practice.

This remover boasts a squeeze and freeze technology for safely removing skin tags almost immediately. It also safe to use because it mimics the removal process of dermatologists. It comes with foam treatment pads, which are activated by liquid cooling gas.

What you can do is to enclose your skin tag directly in the device using the pads. After that, all you have to do is to wait as the skin tag will naturally fall off in just seven to 14 days. For other people, their skin tags fell off in just 10 days. You can also use it in all parts of your body, and it can be used by all skin types.

With this device, you do not have to worry about pain because it does not require any needles and any kind of pulling to work. Lastly, you do not need to get the help of anyone to properly use the device because you only need one hand to operate it properly.


  • Easy to use and set up
  • Almost pain-free
  • Extremely effective
  • Fast results
  • Lightweight
  • Durable


  • Makes the skin look red
  • Only good for small skin tags
  • Might cause scarring
  • Can make the area to feel sore
  • Cannot properly grasp the skin tag at times
Click here for more info on Claritag Skin Tag Remover Device

2. TagBand Deluxe Micro Skin Tag Remover Kit

This skin tag removal kit is what a lot of us are familiar with. With this product, everything is done manually. First, you’ll need to cut off the blood flow between the tag and your skin using rubber bands. Then, eventually, the tag will fall off on its own.

This deluxe kit comes with one micro TagBand cone, one micro TagBand remover, 20 micro TagBands, and 10 swabs you can use for cleansing. More than that, you also get a retainer box, plasters, and an easy-to-understand instructions guide.

You can use this kit on tags that are small and medium in size. You can also use this on the face and on your body, but it is not recommended to be used on sensitive areas like the skin around your eyes. Furthermore, this should not be used on other skin conditions like warts and moles.

The widest point is measured at two mm to four mm. This means that if the skin tag is smaller than two mm, then the band might not be able to grip it properly. Keep in mind that since this kit makes use of rubber bands, anyone who has a rubber allergy cannot, in any way, use this kit.


  • Easy to use and set up
  • The kit contains everything you need
  • Does not require the use of needles
  • Can properly grip the skin tag
  • Can use as many bands as you like on one skin tag


  • Takes a long time to remove the skin tag
  • Can cause irritation
  • Can feel pain
  • Soreness can be experienced
  • Bleeding might happen after the skin tag falls off
Click here for more info on TagBand Deluxe Micro Skin Tag Remover Kit

3. Zenpy Skin Tag Repair Kit

This wonderful product from Zenpy can not only be used to remove skin tags, but it can also remove dark spots, nevus, freckles, warts, and age spots. It works with an electric ion carbonation function which does not use any type of burning just to remove a spot on the skin. Instead, it will instantly sweep off freckles and flatten skin tags. In this way, the removal process can be done quickly.

All in all, it has nine intensity levels, and you can simply adjust them based on the skin condition that you are going to deal with. The lower levels are great for freckles and age spots, while the stronger levels will be best in removing skin tags. Keep in mind that in order to completely get rid of a skin tag, several treatments might be needed.

What is so special about this repair kit is that there is rapid healing of the skin. You do not have to worry about bleeding or potential scarring because it does not really damage the surface of the skin. In the event that it does hit the skin underneath the tag, it is not as harsh as other kits that you need to give it time to heal. In this case, one or two days of healing time should be fine.

There is a display screen where you can see the different modes and the battery level. You can also charge this device via USB cable. Lastly, there is a UV light at the tip of needle installation point so you can see what you are doing while using this kit.


  • Easy to use
  • Not too harsh on the skin
  • Versatile
  • Quick results


  • Battery problems
  • Needle is too wide
  • Modes are sometimes faulty
  • Inconsistent pressure
  • Not that durable
Click here for more info on Zenpy Skin Tag Repair Kit


If you ask us, the best skin tag removal kit is the Claritag Skin Tag Remover Device. We chose this one because it takes into consideration the healing time of your skin underneath the skin tag.

By the time that the skin tag falls off on its own, the skin is already healed, so there is only a little risk for it to scar. Also, with the Cryotechnology of the device, the whole process is more sterilized.

With that said, if you have those pesky skin tags to remove, this will be a good product to try. Operating it is extremely simple, and you do not have to wait long to see the results. In this way, you will be skin tag-free in no time!

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