When To Apply Tanning Bed Lotion

You might imagine that tanning lotion is unnecessary for you since you are having your sessions on a tanning bed. However, you need it to create glowing and evenly toned skin.

Without such a lotion, your skin becomes dry, splotchy, and ceases to be attractive. Application of the lotion for a tanning bed is conveniently easy. Given you prepare adequately and protect your skin throughout the process, you should not have any issues.

The Importance Of Moisturizing Before Getting Tanned

Moisturizing the skin using a high-quality natural lotion is essential in helping relieve dry skin. It also guarantees that your outer skin layer retains more moisture. This is important in maintaining healthy skin and giving you a better tan.

As you might have realized, some particular body regions are tanned more than others, more so when going for artificial approaches. You can usually spot this on knees, elbows, feet, and hands. It results from the skin around the regions being rather thick and dry.

Dry skin lacks moisture, making it a challenge to tan compared to moist skin. In addition, it reflects UV radiation, reducing the natural sun tanning effectiveness. In cases of dry skin, it leads to skin flaking and a non-uniform tan.

Dry skin retains extra dead skin cells, and the active DHA ingredient has more to react with, resulting in an uneven and darker tan. For this reason, it is important that you exfoliate your skin before tanning and moisturize it for an even and smoother tan.

Indoor Tanning (Tanning Beds)

Moisturizing the skin using lotion is important as you go for indoor tanning options such as self-tanners. Though you can use an organic lotion of choice before indoor tanning, there are some particular options on offer as well.

For those wondering how indoor tanning lotion is used, tanning accelerators may be used prior to tanning to realize longer-lasting and darker tans. Whereas, following your tanning session, a tan extender may be used to keep the skin sufficiently moisturized to maintain the tan. Avoid using tanning lotion or sunscreen prior to using tanning beds.

Showering Before The Visit

Before starting to worry about applying the lotion, you need to prepare the skin for the procedure. Though this might appear as a big list of preparation tasks, it is simple and should be incorporated into your beauty routine.

Exfoliate and shower before going to the salon. This removes any lotions or other products from the skin that can hinder your tanning process. As you shower, you should use the time to shave. Any part that you wish to tan needs to be hairless. If not so, the lotions end up sitting in your hair follicles which results in uneven tanning and bronzing dots.

young woman preparing for tanning in solarium

Application Of Indoor Tanning Lotions

Have a lotion with you to apply it instantly before you climb into a tanning bed. With this lotion, have clothing you would not mind damaging with the lotion following the session.

Many lotions have bronzers that are activated by the tanning bed light. This can damage clothing when you are dressing following the appointment. Carry an elastic for the hair, and it would be better to wear gloves or use mittens as you apply tanning lotion.

Carry your towel to wipe the hands or other regions you do not wish to tan, such as between the toes or at the bottom of the feet. Dry skin does not absorb the tanning bed light as effectively or evenly. Instead, use a generous lotion supply. Begin at the feet and add more lotion squeezes to the hands as you proceed.

Do not cut back on the lotion but bear in mind that it should not be a white covering layer on your skin but should be completely rubbed in. Lighter body areas could receive extra lotion, but the process is mostly even.

You will require some lotion on the neck, back, and face. A technician should assist with the back, or you could tag along with a friend for this purpose. For those tanning at the gym, a lotion applicator might come in handy for the back. You will want an even back tan, which would be impossible to achieve without an even tanning lotion application.

Following The Session

You will probably visit a tanning bed more than on one occasion. While tanning, you will identify regions that require less or more lotion. Gauge the results every time you are in a tanning bed. You could forget regions like under your arms or wish to do some parts gradually.

The duration between visits to a tanning bed should be at least two to three days. This provides your skin with enough time to heal and allows you time to exfoliate and use moisturizers on the body.

Tanning will sap moisture from your skin, and this could be what triggers the fading of your tan within one or two days. Tans are intended to last longer but can only do so when proper skincare is adhered to. You will want to do some light scrubbing as you shower but ensure you apply a nice moisturizer after getting out of the water.

It is important to comprehend the tanning process. Essentially, it is important you exfoliate and evenly apply the lotion to your skin. You should avoid applying a lot of lotion in regions around your face where it gets dark, more so when using a bronzer.


Tanning is an excellent means of achieving glowing, dark, and smooth skin. However, because having a tanned appearance has become simple with the use of tanning beds, many people forget that it entails protecting the skin. This entails moisturizing the skin to make sure it remains nourished and healthy.

The best practice is applying the lotion prior to tanning, though the perfect period depends greatly on the particular tanning method you choose. Aim to apply lotion 30 minutes before entering your tanning bed. This hydrates the skin, thereby helping it take the tan more efficiently.

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