What Do Tanning Bed Lotions Do

Do you desire to get a healthy glow over the summer months? Unfortunately, it is not always possible to realize an ideal tan by laying out basking in the sun. Tanning bed lotion can then come in handy, giving you bronzed skin similar to people living near beaches, despite the weather, all while protecting your skin in the tanning bed. An ideal tanning bed lotion could help you, both as an expert tanner and a newbie. Let's take a look.

The Best Tanning Bed Lotions

It might be challenging or risky to achieve a tan naturally from the sun in various regions. Therefore, many consumers make use of indoor tanning services and machines to realize their desired tan. To get the most out of your next visit to indoor tanning services, choosing an excellent tanning bed lotion is essential.

Tanning Bed Lotion Types Available And What They Do

Tanning bed lotions are classified into five categories: bronzers, accelerators, maximizers, coolants, and tinglers.


A bronzing tanning bed lotion is best used if you wish to realize a deep tan quickly. It includes pigments that stain the skin and help the tanning bed UV rays boost your body’s melanin generation. The strength of bronzers is typically denoted, beginning at 10x and growing by 10. However, some lotions get to powers of 200x.


An accelerator is the ideal tanning bed lotion if you are new to tanning beds. It has moisturizing characteristics that protect the skin and enable it to boost melanin production in the body safely. They are also amazing to be used for the initial several tanning rounds that expert tanning bed users may have planned.


Another experienced-only tanning bed lotion is maximizer. It triggers the body to manufacture more melanin in sessions that follow your first visit to a tanning bed. However, it hardly ever utilizes moisturization ingredients, which can be harmful to the body during tanning. For this reason, they are thus only expert-level.


Coolant tanning bed lotions accomplish precisely what you might imagine. They give your body a cooling sensation on application. If you are sensitive to other tanning bed lotions or a tanning bed, are organizing an extended tanning session, or excrete a significant amount of sweat in tanning beds, then, coolant tanning bed lotions are the way to go.


Tinglers are the exact opposite of coolant tanning bed lotions. The design of tingle lotions boosts the body’s circulation, thereby generating more melanin on exposure to a tanning bed’s UV radiation. They also lead to a tingling sensation from which they get the name. These are ideal if you are an expert tanning bed user.

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What Do Quality Tanning Bed Lotions Have?


Since tanning bed lotions are meant to be used with tanning beds and for limited UV radiation exposure periods, they usually entail a small, if any, SPF protection because it beats the purpose of a tanning bed use. However, the wrong usage of tanning beds could hurt your skin, and therefore some tanning bed lotions have some SPF protection just in case.


A tanning bed lotion consistency should not alter its effectiveness. The only challenge is an incorrect application to the skin. For example, thin tanning bed lotions usually dribble and run, causing streaks on the skin, while creamy and thick tanning bed lotions are more easily evenly spread and manipulated.

FAQ On Tanning Bed Lotion

Question: How often can one safely use a tanning bed?

Answer: This is dependent on the duration you have been tanning in a tanning bed. If you are a newbie to the whole experience, most experts recommend that you restrict the tanning bed sessions to up to twice every week, with every session taking a maximum of 10 minutes. For those using tanning beds for extended durations, you can make more visits of up to three times every week, with each session lasting up to 20 minutes.

Question: I want to make my tan last longer. What can I do?

Answer: It appears that the secret to lengthening the lifespan of a hard-fought tan is to moisturize the skin regularly. This implies that you will need to moisturize your skin at least once every day and more so following showers. Adherence to these moisturizing directions could as much as double the duration during which the tan remains noticeable.

Question: How long before tanning should one utilize tanning bed lotion?

Answer: You should apply tanning bed lotion 30 minutes before getting in a tanning bed.

Question: Do you need to utilize tanning bed lotions in tanning beds?

Answer: No, a tanning bed lotion is not always necessary. However, dry skin reflects some UV rays, and the lotion could assist you in developing a much quicker tan.

What Are The Advantageous Ingredients In My Tanning Lotion?

When choosing an ideal tanning lotion, many people are unsure about the best-suited products for their skin. Awareness of the ingredients contained in the lotions could help you make a wise decision. Some of the potentially advantageous ingredients are:

  • Silicon – This moisturizer helps in conditioning the skin
  • Hemp seed oil – For nourishment, moisturization, and protection
  • Caffeine – To energize skin and eliminate puffiness
  • Vitamin A (Beta-Carotene) – Which is responsible for boosting pigmentation
  • Vitamin E – Reduces wrinkles and appearance of lines
  • Shimmer – Contains particles that reflect light to give the skin an extra glow

You might want to start your tanning journey with a maximizer or tanning accelerator lotion. Upon achieving an ideal base tan, you can then boost the experience using a tingle lotion or a bronzer.


Many people often have the urge to clean up following an excellent tanning bed session. However, it would be best if you resisted this temptation since having a shower within three hours following the use of a tanning bed lotion could reverse your tanning progress. Getting an ideal tanning bed lotion for indoor tanning sessions could help you achieve that long-lasting tan you have always wanted.

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