How to Go About Ageless Skin Care

How to Go About Ageless Skin Care

Are you wondering how to keep your skin from showing your age? A lot of it actually lies in knowing what to avoid, fight or prevent. Knowing the enemy here is as good as identifying your allies, as it can guide you in a plan of attack (or defense, as the case may be). Enemies like the following are the ones you should be looking out for:

  1. UV rays
  2. Weight fluctuations
  3. Pollutants in the environment
  4. Nicotine

That is just a sampling of the usual list of culprits, really. Obviously, there are a lot of things to take into account when you are trying to keep your years from showing. Below we will cover some of the most troublesome causes of aging and how to deal with them. In so doing, we will be sketching a program of ageless skin care for your daily use.

The Sun and Photodamage

Damage caused by the sun is among the most noticeable when it comes to skin aging. Wrinkles, age spots, freckles and the like are all caused or aggravated by continued exposure to sunlight. To make it worse, skin cancer is always lurking in the background, so shielding yourself from the sun’s rays could even be a matter of greater import than just preserving your beauty.

It’s all too easy to say you should try to avoid exposing yourself to it, but it is another thing to put that into practice. We have to expose ourselves to its light daily, one way or another. Even standing in the shade, you are not fully protected from its effects, as light bounces off surfaces around you. You could still be catching a strong dose of UV light from under your umbrella!

So what is the solution? In a word: sunscreen. Invest in a good, strong sunscreen that will not wipe off easily or melt away with the day’s sweat. If you live in a particularly sunny area, you could pair that with some UV-resistant clothes. Try to go for the broad-spectrum sunscreens, opting for higher SPFs wherever possible. Add some sunglasses for good measure, by the way, because all that squinting in the sunlight will only give you crow’s feet.

When buying sunscreen, keep in mind that you want something not only long-lasting but endowed with other benefits. Most sunscreens now contain other components like vitamins and moisturizers that further benefit your skin. This is great, as it means you are both fixing current issues and preventing new ones.

Nicotine and Other Substances

The surest way to avoid the damage certain drugs do to your skin is to not use them. With nicotine in particular, there is no “perhaps” about it: you really should stop smoking if you want your skin to clear up! All those free radicals popping up when you smoke cause serious damage to your epidermal cells, aging you faster than you should be aging.

You can try replacing habits like smoking with healthier ones at first, using the replacement habits as crutches while you get over your old addictions. For example, a lot of people trying to give up smoking switch to gum chewing for a while. To be sure, this is not something you do easily — but it really does pay dividends later when you see how recovered your skin looks after weeks of no nicotine.

To help you give up your bad habits, try asking friends and family to help you. They can help keep you away from cigarettes by occupying your attention with other things, for instance, and some can even join in on the quitting by giving smoking or some similar habit up, too. Then you have a ready support person who can actually sympathize with your troubles as you go through withdrawal.

Weight Fluctuations and Other Food-related Problems

Eating good stuff and not forcing your skin to act like a rubber band about sums it up. If you want your skin to be healthy, that means watching what goes into your mouth. Make sure that happens to be a lot of water (ageless skin is well-hydrated skin), leafy dark vegetables, antioxidant-rich fare and anything boasting tons of Vitamins A, C, and E.

Keep in mind that having a healthy weight and avoiding binging as well as crash dieting is important, too, when trying to keep your skin young. Our skin is very elastic when we are young since it’s giving us room to grow still. As the years pass, however, it becomes less so, and is also more prone to suffering elasticity fatigue.

That means that it “snaps back” less readily after an expansion-contraction series. If you keep stretching it out on binges and then expecting it to snap back into place after you do a crash diet, do not be surprised if you suddenly find loose flaps and folds where there were previously none.

Find a healthy weight and stick to it — and do that using foods that are actually good for you and your skin. If you need assistance in formulating a food plan for that, consult your nutritionist or dermatologist. You can also try premade food and lifestyle plans like the rules in the Ageless Body System program.

Time and All That Comes With It

Well, there is nothing you can really do with this one, to be honest, as you cannot stop it from happening or really avoid it. What you can do, though, is have a healthy attitude about it. It is fine to aim for ageless skin, but if a wrinkle or two still manages to pop up, you should let it be. Worrying about it would only cause more to appear.

This does not mean you should give up all of your skin care rules if a line does show up in spite of all your efforts. Keep them up! At least you know that you would have had 20 other lines to go with it had it not been for all of the things you are doing to prevent them.

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