How Important is Hand Skin Care?

Hand skin care isn’t highlighted enough within the beauty industry, even though our hands are just as important as our faces. Caring for your hands may seem inconsequential — after all, how much of an impact can your hands have on your appearance? Hand skin care is actually incredibly influential, especially now that face masks are a daily requirement.

If you don’t care for your hands, they can appear dull and dry, which increases the chance for wrinkles and other unwanted features to develop. Not to mention, your hands touch chemicals, suffer daily use, and take punishment as much as your feet do. Exfoliation, moisturization, and toning are all just as important to your hands as the rest of your skin.

The thought of having a skincare regimen specifically for your hands can seem strange at first, but how much can pampering your hands impact your life?

Your Hands Show the First Signs of Age

Your hands are on the front lines every day. You use them to interact with the world and with one another, so why don’t you ensure that they look their best? Whether it’s braving cold weather or washing dishes, your hands face daily abuse that can prematurely age or wrinkle your skin.

Let’s not forget that masks have become a part of our lives now, and that means sunspots, dry skin, or wrinkles on our hands have more of an influence on our appearance than ever before. A skincare regimen that includes your hands is important to keep them healthy and glowing, and that can make all the difference.

Starting now means you’ll have fewer worries later on. There are plenty of treatments available if your skincare routine isn’t enough to hold back the aging process, but these procedures are often invasive and expensive. Taking stock in your hands and caring for them regularly saves you money and stress later on.

Dry Hands Are Uncomfortable

In these uncertain times, keeping our hands clean has become a necessity. This usually involves washing your hands regularly and keeping disinfectant close by when out and about. Let’s not forget wiping down surfaces to keep germs from spreading, especially surfaces the kids touch every day.

It’d be great if we could use gloves to keep our skin from coming into contact with germs or to protect our skin from chemicals, but disposable gloves aren’t always available. Even then, disposable gloves aren’t a perfect solution.

The chemicals we encounter aren’t great for your skin. Whether it’s the drying alcohol and filmy residue hand sanitizer leaves on your skin or the lack of moisture from soap stripping your skin of its natural oils, the necessity to keep clean and avoid germs can lead to discomfort and premature aging for your hands if you don’t give them attention. A skincare regimen can restore moisture, exfoliate any dead skin cells, and improve your confidence in daily life.

The discomfort goes further than the tightness of dry skin, though. It can sap your confidence if you have less than radiant skin, and your hands are telltale signs of age. That discomfort can impact other areas of your life, whether you’re working a demanding job or caring for kids.

It’s Costly to Reverse Skin Damage and Aging

We hear it all the time. Beauty routines help prevent wrinkles and other features we don’t want to set in. Just as it’s important to start early on our faces, the same goes for our hands. It’s much harder to turn back the clock, so if you start now, you’ll only reap the benefits later on down the line.

Your hands need protection from the sun as much as the rest of your body. After all, too much sun exposure can cause wrinkles and sunspots, and our hands are just as susceptible to sunburn as our backs.

Let’s not forget that makeup isn’t an option to soften or reduce the signs of aging on our hands, meaning that maintenance is key to slowing the aging process. Face masks are a part of our lives now, too, and they hide away all the work we’ve done to keep our faces looking young.

This means the upper half of your face, your neck, and your hands are all anyone actually sees. To keep an overall youthful appearance, it’s important to focus on hand skin care. You’ll thank yourself later!

Getting Your Nails Done Is Only Half the Battle

Manicures are often cited as the main way we can pamper our hands. After all, getting French tips or colorful nail art always boosts your confidence and makes you feel good, but what good can it do if your hands are dry and cracked?

Not to mention, it can be expensive to go to a nail salon regularly enough to maintain both your skin and your nails, especially these days. The pampering you get at a salon is always a treat, but you can offer yourself the same care at home by finding the best combination of products and a routine that suits you.

Showing off your nails will also draw attention to your hands. The boost of confidence having great skin can give you is a part of the fun. No matter the frequency, a skincare regimen for your hands is an excellent addition when highlighting your new manicure, and people will absolutely notice.


So how important is hand skin care? The thing to remember is that caring for your hands is an essential part of any beauty routine. It helps slow the aging process, keeps your hands firm and healthy, and adds to your confidence as much as facial cleansers and moisturizers can.

Taking the time to pamper yourself is always a good choice, and incorporating your hands into your beauty routine is a great way to start the process. Not to mention, caring for your hands is just as relaxing and fun as doing your hair or makeup, and it can pull your look together. In the end, you’ll have something great on your hands—that is, great skin!

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