Best CC Cream for Mature Skin in 2019: Complete Reviews with Comparisons

No matter how much we dread it, as we grow older, our skin would mature. This is not something that can be prevented, but there are ways to delay it. Using the best CC cream for mature skin is one of the things that would help delay the signs of aging.

Color corrective or color control (CC) creams are made to even out the redness, blotchiness, or the hyperpigmentation of the skin while also providing hydrating and anti-aging benefits. Since the market is flooded with hundreds of options, we decided to review five of the best CC creams right now.

Supergoop! Daily Correct CC Cream

Your Skin But BetterTM CC Cream

Clinique Moisture Surge Hydrating Colour Corrector Cream

Lumene CC Color Correcting Cream

Olay Total Effects CC Cream

Best CC Cream for Mature Skin Reviews

Finding the best CC cream that would suit your skin is not easy. For this very reason, we have decided to do the hard work for you and tried out five different options. Check out what each one has to offer to determine which is the best CC cream for you.

1. Supergoop! Daily Correct CC Cream

While Supergoop! is not so popular when it comes to their beauty line, they are well-known for the variety of their skincare and sunscreen products. Let’s check out what this CC cream can offer.

Product Highlights

The Daily Correct CC Cream boasts an SPF 35-40 Broad Spectrum Sunscreen protection. It comes in a light/medium and medium/dark shade, and it can be used to cover imperfections while also protecting your skin from photoaging.

Here are some of its features:

  • Quick-absorbent formula
  • Includes light-diffusing mica
  • Rich in vitamin C
  • Protection from UVB and UVA rays of the sun

The Good

One of the things that you will love about this CC cream is its thick and creamy formula, which provides your skin with ample hydration. Even though that’s the case, it won’t leave your skin too greasy or oily.

This CC cream is perfect for people with fairly smooth skin. If you are suffering from minor dullness, darkness, redness, or uneven skin tone, this is your best bet.

In addition, it contains Omega-3, apple extract, and Omega-6, which would provide a clearer and more even skin tone. The light-diffusing mica will soften the lines, wrinkles, and pores in your face to make it look more flawless.

The Bad

The only concern we have about this CC cream is the wear time. It is a bit shorter compared to others, and your skin might feel a bit dull after just four hours of wearing it.

Basically, you will have to do a touch up every few hours, which is not really a good thing if you want something that would get you through the entire day.


  • Softens fine lines, wrinkles, and pores
  • Thick and creamy formula
  • Protects against harmful UV rays


  • Needs touch up after four hours
  • Lighter shades are too dark for people with fair skin

2. Your Skin But Better CC Cream by IT Cosmetics

IT Cosmetics’ Your Skin But Better CC Cream is considered one of the most popular CC creams in the market right now. If you want to know the reason why, here are some of the features that you need to know.

Product Highlights

IT Cosmetics’ Your Skin But Better CC Cream is made to provide a wide range of uses like full-coverage foundation, concealer, moisturizer, primer, and sunscreen. It is an all-in-one CC cream that would make your skin healthy and vibrant all day.

  • Lightweight with a smooth consistency
  • All-in-one beauty product
  • Full coverage with SPF 50
  • Contains vitamins A, B, C and E

The Good

When using this cream, your skin will always look vibrant and healthy, and it can cover up the redness in your face. The skin tone will also even out, and the blemishes will be hidden as well. However, freckles, shiny spots, and other birthmarks will still be visible, making this a natural CC cream.

The best thing about this is that it can last for a long time. The product will not crease or crack, and the coverage will last for the whole day. It is fully loaded with skin-smoothening and hydrating ingredients, and it provides protection against UVB and UVA rays.

The Bad

The cream is a bit greasy and heavy for some people. If you are fine with this, then it is not really a big issue. As for the shade, you will have to choose one that would fit your skin tone. While the coverage is good, it doesn’t cover everything in your face, which is not really what most people want.


  • Protection from the sun’s harmful rays
  • Hides your blemishes
  • Provides a complete beauty regimen


  • Heavy and greasy
  • Cannot hide freckles

3. Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream

Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream is a must-have if you want to experience the benefits provided by BB creams and skincare products in a single product. This is definitely the best CC cream for older skin as it provides a wide range of benefits.

Product Highlights

Coming from a trusted cosmetics brand, you can be confident that this CC cream will provide you with benefits that you would only get from high-quality products. Some of the most notable features of this cream are:

  • Lightweight and non-greasy texture
  • Satin finish
  • Gel moisture surge base
  • Different shades available
  • Oil-free hydration

The Good

The best thing about Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream is its nine shades meant for different skin tones. It doesn’t matter if your skin is dark, fair, or white because you can find a specific shade that would fit your skin.

This cream can blur fine lines and pores and also reduce the redness of the skin. It provides only a sheer coverage, so you cannot expect it to fully cover your blemishes and other skin issues. However, you can apply more if you want to lighten them a bit. It is an oil-free hydration product, so it is ideal for people with oily skin.

The Bad

Most of you would probably notice that you will have to use a lot of this product just to get the right amount of moisturizer to your face. You will have to use more to provide enough SPF coverage as well.

This means that the product will not last for a long time. Another issue is the wear time. You will have to reapply the product after four or five hours.


  • Sheer coverage
  • No breakouts
  • Comes in nine shades


  • Not for dry skin
  • Requires more product for more coverage

4. Lumene CC Color Correcting Cream

Lumene is among the most popular cosmetics company around the world. Staying true to their promise, they are always focused on providing high-quality and effective skincare products for people around the globe.

Product Highlights

The Lumene CC Color Correcting Cream is a six-in-one CC cream that can serve as a foundation, primer, concealer, and illuminator. It provides an SPF 20 protection for your skin, which can also help neutralize redness.

  • Creamy and buildable texture
  • Protection against UVB and UVA rays
  • Medium coverage
  • Long-lasting wear

The Good

One of the best things about this CC cream is that it lasts for a very long time. It can actually last from 10 to 12 hours, which is already pretty good for a CC cream. You have to remember that this type of cream doesn’t usually last for more than eight hours.

This product also features a creamy coverage texture that can hide or correct the discolorations and redness in your face while also balancing your skin tone. It contains Wild Cloudberry Seed Extract, which can help brighten the complexion of your face. It also has Pure Arctic Spring Water for hydration.

The Bad

One of the issues is that the shades are darker, so even if it is light, it may not fit your skin tone at all. The cream also settles into fine lines, especially on your forehead, so you may have to add more to hide them.


  • Hydrates your skin
  • Hides blemishes and other imperfections
  • Protection from harmful rays of the sun


  • Settles in fine lines
  • Shades are darker

5. Olay Total Effects CC Cream

Olay is one of the most prestigious cosmetic brands in the world. The Olay Total Effects CC Cream is definitely a masterpiece. Let’s check out some of its features.

Product Highlights

Olay made another breakthrough, and this CC cream is definitely one of the best in the market right now. It combines the benefits of BB creams, along with several anti-aging benefits.

  • Seven-in-one formula
  • Skin-perfecting
  • Skin moisturizer
  • Sheer coverage

The Good

The best thing about this CC cream from Olay is its anti-aging benefits. It can help delay the signs of aging when used regularly. It also promotes natural-looking skin because of its sheer coverage.

This cream can deal with dullness, lack of firmness, dryness, uneven tone, uneven texture, and visible pores. It can provide a healthy and radiant skin all day long.

The Bad

This CC cream is a bit greasy, so it is not a good choice for you if you have oily skin. There are also some issues concerning its coverage. It only provides sheer coverage, so it won’t be able to cover all types of skin blemishes.


  • Dermatologically tested
  • Light to medium shade
  • Provides anti-aging benefits


  • Greasy
  • Not meant for people with oily skin

Buyer’s Guide

It’s great that you already have an idea about the best CC creams in the market, but it would be better if you have some basic understanding as to how to find the one that would fit your skin. Here is a short buying guide that you should keep in mind.

1. Formula

The formula is the first thing that you need to check if you want to find the best CC cream for mature skin. If you are in your 30s or 40s, you should look for a formula that can deal with and delay the different signs of aging.

2. Ingredients

Also, you would want to pay close attention to the ingredients. Steer clear of creams that contain a lot of chemicals. Thankfully, a lot of beauty and skincare products right now are made from all-natural ingredients. Chemicals can irritate your skin, and it is not a good idea to let it sit on your face the whole day.

3. Size

The size is not a big deal because you don’t need a huge amount of cream to apply on your face. However, it is better to use a cream that can last for a whole day. Most of these creams don’t come in big sizes, so you need to make sure that a small amount can provide the coverage that you need.

4. Cost

Don’t buy anything too expensive or coming from a brand that is too cheap. Most expensive brands contain features that you don’t really need. Make sure that you figure out the ingredients that you want and need instead of buying the most expensive CC cream.

CC Cream FAQs

1. What is the difference between CC Cream and BB cream?

CC Cream and BB Cream is almost the same when it comes to their skincare benefits, but CC cream offers more coverage to conceal the imperfections on your face.

2. Is CC cream good for older skin?

Yes. CC cream is a better choice if you have older skin because the main purpose of this product is to conceal the signs of skin aging.

3. Is CC cream good for daily use?

Yes. CC cream can be used daily if you want, but you have to make sure that you remove it at the end of each day before you sleep.

4. Can I use CC cream after moisturizer?

Yes. If you have dry skin, use moisturizer first after washing your face. Apply the CC cream after using the moisturizer.


Among all the CC creams that we tried out for ourselves, we found that Supergoop! Daily Correct CC Cream is the best one. Although it doesn’t last for a long time compared to other CC creams, it does provide strong protection against the UV rays. It also provides good coverage to conceal skin imperfections and blemishes.

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